Organic Rose Water

Organic Rose Water

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100% Pure Organic Hydrosol. Pure organically sourced steam distilled floral water facial toner.


*Cruelty Free

A pure hydrosol is much less concentrated and their aromas are subtle compared to their essential oil counterpart. Mist to improve skin barrier and reduce water loss. Studies show that inhaling rose water reduced anxiety in patients undergoing medical procedures.

Use: Following cleansing spritz on to face and neck morning and night. This is a toner, however as an anti aging regimen I recommend using before our H Serum (or serums of choice) and finishing with our Hemp Skin (or moisturizer of choice)

Tip: Keep it in your purse to spritz on your face for a refreshing rosy glow.
Spritz on your hotel pillow when away from home to aid with relaxation.

Step 1: in our "Power Pack Anti Aging Trio"

Keep our children safe by keeping this out of their reach.

Topical not to be ingested.

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